About Us

The Aquarium Cove

What started as a 75 gallon saltwater tank then now to over a 1000 gallon reef system was how the Aquarium Cove was born. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin we sell and ship healthy aqua-cultured coral at a competitive price. We offer unique coral and a wide variety from low end to high end pieces.

About our Tanks

Having stable, ideal parameters is key for growing healthy pest and disease free coral so we take our water quality seriously. We perform weekly water changes, testing daily with various test kits (Salifert, Red Sea, eXact iDip) and also utilize trident and apex monitoring. Our tanks range in size from a 45 gal frag tank to a 300 gallon trough. We use a variety of lighting including, AI Primes, Kessils, Orphek, and t5. Our parameters are 1.026 salinity, 7.8-8.3 pH, 78-79 temp, 8-10 DKH, 1350 mag, 1-8 nitrate, and .01-.1 phosphate. For nutrient export, our system runs a reef octopus skimmer, bio-pellet and carbon reactor, refugium with cheato and macroalgae, along with clean up crews.


We offer regular maintenance services for saltwater aquariums. We currently offer quality services to a wide range of setups, new and old.